Most Common Sports Injuries

Playing sports is a pastime that so many people enjoy, but those athletes are at an increased risk of sustaining damages that could leave them down and out. Although an athlete can sustain any type of injury during the course of the game or practice, some are more commonly experienced than others. If you are injured, visit the professionals at the sports medicine clovis facility for treatment and proper care. Some of the most common types of sports injuries athletes sustain include:

·    Strains/Sprains: Running, jumping, and otherwise participating in sporting event can cause the muscles to sprain or become strained fairly quickly. One wrong move is all that it takes to feel this throbbing pain. Ice and heat and a wrap are usually the doctor’s recommended cures for these problems.

·    Tennis Elbow: Although commonly experienced by tennis players, it is not limited to those who play this sport, so do not assume that you are safe because you participate in another type of support. This condition occurs when the tendons in the elbows are stressed and overworked.

·    Shin Splints: Characterized by pain alongside the shin, this problem is common amongst football players but also affects players in other sports as well. It is very painful and can take many weeks to heal a shin splint.

·    Knee Injuries: Knee injuries are also commonly experienced by athletes. A torn ACL muscle is the most common type of knee injury but there are several others that can cause excruciating pain for an athlete in any sport.

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Playing sports is fun, it is great exercise, and it is enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. And, there are tons of awesome sports to fill your time. But it is important to know that injuries can occur, especially if you don’t go the extra mile to protect yourself. The sports medicine professionals are there to help with aches and pains, but preventing them is always best.