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A vasectomy is a form of male sterilization. It is not used as commonly as a female sterilization process, but it nonetheless safe and effective. Plus it costs less to perform a vasectomy than many other procedures. However, many misconceptions about the vasectomy exist and we’re here to break some of the myths. The truth can set you free, especially if you are considering a vasectomy coral springs.

Myth 1: Vasectomies are Painful

It is without doubt that you have concerns about the vasectomy, most notably whether it will hurt. The fact that a myth that it is painful is out there doesn’t make it any easier. But, the truth is, a vasectomy is a quick, pain-free procedure that thousands of me use every single year. Leave your worries of pain at the door.

vasectomy coral springs

Myth 2: A Vasectomy is Dangerous

The vasectomy is only dangerous to your thoughts, not to your actual well-being, despite the myth that leaves many men believing otherwise. The procedure is FDA-approved and while there are some risks, it is considered a safe procedure by all standards.

Myth 3:  A Vasectomy Causes Inability to Get an Erection

The vasectomy blocks the tube where the sperm travels. This tube starts along the epididymis, passes through the prostate and seminal vesicle and comes out of the urethra. The vasectomy blocks only the tube near the testicles so the penis is not affected nor is the ability to maintain an erection or satisfying sex.

Myth 4: My Sperm Will Build Up

You might think that sperm will build up in the urethra or other areas of the body since the tubing is blocked. Men see their testicles exploding and other major concerns when this happens but rest assured that sperm will not build up and your testicles aren’t going to explode!

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